Friday, March 24

Bond Road residents blame flooding on sand mining

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Bond Road residents in Banjul have cast blame sand mining at the Denton Bridge amid high tide and heavy wave flooding within the city’s coast line.

“Everything is caused by the sand miners and if we are not careful, it will destroy the bridge,” Modi Sallah, whilst speaking to Kerr Fatou Online Media on Saturday.

“They are digging, and the water is becoming more powerful to cause flooding. I have been working here for 26 years, but this has never happened.”

Ousman Sarr, also a resident of the community said: “This is the first time this is happening and the sand mining is the cause. We have expressed our concern several times but nothing is done about it. We are all Gambians and we don’t have anywhere apart from here. Right now, the bridge is bent, and if you disagree with what I’m saying, wait for the low tides and I will show you.”

Alagie Sirreh Njie also explained that “there is something new within the connected waters that should be rectified. We cannot do anything about it, but we are appealing to the government to help us.”

Recently, the residents have raised numerous complaints to the Mayoress of Banjul, Rohey Malick Lowe they have not been paying attention to climate change which is mainly caused by sand mining along the coast.

In his Facebook timeline, Alpha Robinson, former managing director of the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) made another wake-up call in finding solutions for wave overtopping flooding in Bond Road.

“A combination of high tide and what appears to be local waves caused flooding over bund road today, with a relatively (compared to the surface water) limited amount of water transferred to Tanbi. Wave overtopping is rare in The Gambia but common in other coastal parts.”

“With high water levels, waves reach the shore with much more energy if not dissipated at the foreshore. Wave overtopping can be very violent, especially with high energy waves, and can cause flooding of large areas within a short period.”

Mr. Robinson continued that the impact of the waves can damage infrastructure in its way, stating it is interesting to note that the overtopping did not occur in sections of the road lined by mangroves on the river side of the road, partly because the mangroves dissipate the wave energy.