Sunday, January 29

Border schools in Foni reopen, but “fear continues”

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The three schools around the border areas in the Foni, West Coast Region (WCR) that were reportedly closed last week amid reports of “heavy gunshots” around Cassamance, in the southern part of Senegal were reopened yesterday, The Point has been reliably informed.

The affected schools were: Jannack LBS, Tamba Kunda Basic Cycle School and Bunuborr LBS

The teachers that left their various schools for their own safety have all also returned. However, fear of another clash between the Senegalese Forces and the MFDC separatists continues to linger in the minds of teachers and students.

An anonymous source confirmed the development to The Point, saying: “Yes it’s true that all the affected schools around the border have reopened. However, there is still fear within the students and the teachers.”

The source also added that classes were effective, adding: “Yeah classes were effective on Monday, but the teachers and students are always afraid due to the happenings in Cassamace around The Gambia border. We are here but our minds are not steady as of now,” the source posited.

It could be recalled that all the three schools were closed on 16 January 2023 as teachers of the respective schools ran for their lives amid gunshots in the wee hours that fateful day – something that happened to be a clash between the Senegalese Forces and the MFDC rebels.