Saturday, September 30


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The Assistant Inspector General of police in charge of police Operations Landing Bojang is today going to face police detectives at the Serious Crime Unit over allegations that he was in touch with one of the robbers who robbed the Old Jeshwang Lebanese businessman, Freedom Newspaper can reveal.  The arrested Senegalese fugitive Dam Sey, who has been linked to the robbery has implicated AIG Bojang. The Serious Crime unit has an audio recording in their possession in which Bojang could be heard talking with one of the robbers Dam Sey.

The arrested Senegalese fugitive, was linked to the recent Old Jeshwang robbery incident, in which a Lebanese businessman was robbed 16 million dalasis. Dam Sey, was earlier held by the Senegalese police, which prompted Banjul to dispatch its officers to Dakar, Senegal, to receive the arrested fugitive.

Police Detective Assistant Superintendent Sanusi Darboe was the officer, who led The Gambian Detective team to pursue Dam Sey in Dakar. ASP Darboe and his men arrived in Banjul today before close of business. The accused Dam Sey was in handcuff when he was being escorted to the Serious Crime Unit at the police headquarters today.

Sources close to the Dakar mission have intimated that so far their preliminary investigations have implicated AIG Landing Bojang, a TOP OFFICER of the police command. Bojang was reported to be in “contact” with the robbers “prior, during and after the robbery,” as phone records indicated, a trusted source in the HEART of the police command told me.

“Dam Sey is the principal accused person. There is this audio file in the hands of the investigators, in which the implicated TOP OFFICER, Landing Bojang could be heard talking to the main suspect Dam Sey, he was telling him to avoid the police, he spoke evil about the police, he told him that the police are bad, that he should avoid talking to certain officers, giving him advise as to how to evade the police,” said a trusted source in HEART of Gambia’s security echelon.

Despite being in possession of such a damaging incriminating audio that has linked the implicated TOP POLICE CHIEF to the armed robbers, detectives efforts to interview the implicated officer has been stalled by the IGP’s alleged undercutting of their work, sources alleged.

“The CIDS are afraid to investigate the implicated officer, because the accused officer is very close to the IGP. He is close buddy of the IGP. I am not sure if there is any monetary relationship between the two, but the IGP has been adamant, he doesn’t want the accused officer to be interviewed by the CIDS.  He hasn’t been questioned yet. Each time, the CIDS would want to interview implicated TOP OFFICER, the IGP would intervened, he would tell the detectives that he was going to question the accused officer himself,” said a source in heart of Gambia’s security services.

“The IGP has finally budged. They have finally decided to call the implicated TOP OFFICER  for questioning. He is going to face the investigators tomorrow Tuesday. This case has reached the State Intelligence Services (SIS). The SIS are also keenly following it,” our source added.

According to sources, the police investigators have also recovered stolen cell phones and other equipment from the armed robbers. The robbers couldn’t unlock the stolen mobile phones, said our source.

“The detectives have recovered two mobile phones from Dam Sey. Dam told them that the mobiles were brought to the hotel by one of the armed of the armed robbers called Boy Jenneh. The mobiles belong to the Lebanese man’s daughters, the Lebanese businessman, who was robbed. Boy Jenneh had wanted Dam Sey to help him unlock the mobile phones,” said a source familiar with the story.

Corruption has been prevalent in the police since the advent of the Barrow government, said sources. Rogue officers have been accused of acting in concert with criminals to commit crimes.

“This is really serious. How can a TOP OFFICER of the force be engaged in such an organized crime? He is collaborating with criminals to commit robbery, we are not only embarrassed, but disturbed, this is not the type of police force that we want to be associated with it,” our source alleged.

The implicated officer Landing Bojang hasn’t been placed on administrative leave yet. He still report s to work.

Landing Bojang joined the police force in February of 1987. He enrolled as constable. He has 34 years service record.

Security analysts have noted that in the interest of an impartial investigations, a special taskforce should be constituted to probe the AIG’s cas. Analysts said such a taskforce would prevent an internal manipulation and micromanagement of the probe at the police.