Wednesday, February 1

Breaking News: Commissioner Sanneh suffered a broken tooth after accusing a taxi driver and two others of assaulting him

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Below is a statement the police obtained from complaint Commissioner Sanneh. Please read on.

Abuko police post,
Case of assault causing actual bodily harm,
and wilful damage to property,
D/R/No, 42/09/04/2021
Place of occurrence Abuko Harr Yalla,
Time reported 19:58hrs

Complainant Commissioner Ablie Sanneh
Add, Banjulinding
Occ Police Officer
Age Adult

1st Acc Assan Chorr
Add Abuko
Occ, Business/ Taxi Driver
Age 39

2nd Acc, Ousman Sanyang
Add, Abuko
Occ, Tile man
Occ, 23yrs
Nationality Gambian

3rd Acc, Malick Kujabi
Add, Abuko
Occ, Nil
Age 25yrs

Commissioner Sanneh arrived at the Charge office with Ousman Sanyang (2nd Acc,) and Malick Kujabi (3rd Acc) and reported that he was assaulted by the two and a taxi driver who was at large, According to him Assan Chorr, (1st Acc) was driving a taxi with registration number KM 0186C, knocked his vehicle from behind and damaged his back light, when he drop and confronted him, he scold and bootheaded him and and broke one of his tooth, whilst trying to chase the 1st Accussed he was obstructed by the 2nd &3rd Accussed who blocked his vehicle and further assaulted him, both were arrested and they all confessed to the act, Commissioner Sanneh was escorted to Faji Kunda health center by 1stcc 5832 Sanneh, but the nurse who attend him informed him that the tooth is broken therefore he cannot treat him but rather referred them to Ahmadiya Hospital to a Dentist, at Ahmadiya Hospital they found the dentist also have closed, but due to the pain hewas advised to go to SBOCH a private clinic in Latri Kunda German, where he was treated and discharged, both Accussed are charged accordingly, Assan Chorr (1st Acc) is escorted to Bundung Main Station for detention, Ousman Sanyang and Malick Kujabi 2nd and 3rd Accussed respectively are detained at Abuko police post
Prepared by
ASP Jallow