Friday, June 9

Breaking News: GDC Endorses PPP Candidate For Brikama Area Council, Jainaba Bah 

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Hon Mama Kandeh GDC Party Leader and Jainaba Bah PPP Candidate For BAC.

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By Buba Gagigo

The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) has thrown its weight behind the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) candidate Jainaba Bah in the upcoming Brikama Area Council Chairperson election.

“The Gambia Democratic Congress Party under the leadership of Honourable Mama Kandeh informs the Public, particularly our Party Militants, Supporters and Sympathisers that we are endorsing Honourable Jainaba Bah, the candidate for the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), for the position of Chairperson of the Brikama Area Council in the upcoming Councils Election slated for May 20th. This endorsement is a testament to our commitment to promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality in as it is stated in our Party’s Motto, which promotes Youth and Women Empowerment,” the Gambia Democratic Congress said through a press release.

GDC said they believe that it is important to have women in leadership positions to ensure that diverse perspectives are heard, and the needs of all citizens are addressed. 

As a political party, the GDC said they recognized the potential of women to make significant contributions to society and are committed to empowering them to take on leadership roles.

“Honourable Jainaba is known for being Consistent, Patience, Well-articulated, Bold and Visionary with a wealth of experience in politics, thus making her a good example of a passionate leader that we need in promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment. 

“Her vision for the Council is focused on promoting Unity, Progress in Economic Development, creating jobs, Improving Infrastructure, and Ensuring that our citizens have equal access to the resources of the Council, those values she shared with the GDC. As a result, our Party believes she is the ideal candidate for the position of Chairperson of the Brikama Area Council,” they said.

The GDC said It is in this view that they are calling on all their Supporters, Sympathisers and the entire voter population of the West Coast Region, most particularly the Women and Youth groups, to support Jainaba’s bid to become the first female Chairperson of the Brikama Area Council.

“Finally, we want to assure Honourable Jainaba Bah that our Party stands firmly behind her, and that we are committed to supporting her throughout her campaign and beyond. We wish her all the best in her quest to become the Chairperson of the Brikama Area Council,” they concluded.

The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) have also endorsed the United Democratic Party (UDP) candidate for the upcoming Mayoral Election in the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC), Talib Ahmed Bensouda.

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