Wednesday, November 30


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The Gambian police have put Momodou Dahaba’s alleged criminal case on hold, pending negotiations to settle the matter out of court, this medium has been reliably informed. Sources said Dahaaba was supposed to appear in court today Monday, but his case has been put on hold for now. This followed an intervention made by the Lands and Local Government Minister Musa Drammeh, to settle the matter out of court. The Lands Minister has interceded to prevent the matter to be taken to court, sources claimed.

Drammeh, who was recently named as the NPP National Treasurer, has succeeded in “staying the prosecution of Dahaba,” pending the outcome of the settlement talks.

Police spokesman Superintendent Lamin Njie recently told the local press that “Momodou Dahaba, has been arrested and charged with obtaining money by false pretense.” Mr. Dahaba has been accused of taking D600,000 from a woman in exchange for a plot of land, which police said he never owned. The land in question is located in Bijilo.

According to sources, Dahaba, was supposed to appear in court today Monday to face charges, but thanks to Minister Drammeh’s alleged intervention, Dahaba’s case has been put on hold.

In an earlier phone conversation with this medium over the weekend, Dahaba rebuffed his critics claims that he was lined up to appear in court on Monday.

“They kept saying that I am going to court on Monday. Monday is coming. I am not going to court,” he remarked.

Dahaba said he owns the disputed land.  “My land was sold to one Sedia Ceesay, they claimed that it was allocated to Sedia Ceesay, when it wasn’t allocated to him. It was sold to him,” he told me.

When asked who is Sedia Ceesay, Dahaba remarked: “They said he lives around the turntable, they said he used to be in France, I don’t know, that he is a UDP supporter, I don’t know if he is a UDP supporter. I have never seen him; I don’t know him.”

“The Minister told me that the land was allocated to him,” he said.

A source told me that Dahaba’s case has been put on hold for now, pending the outcome of the proposed settlement. “The Lands Minister is proposing to allocate a land to settle this matter,” said our source.

Meanwhile, Dahaba maintains that he owned the disputed land.

“Someone just called me and told me that he read in the media that my land was sold for D18 million dalasis. I abstain from commenting because I do not want to accuse anyone. Based on what the Minister told me, he said it was allocated to him. The land is located in Bijilo. It belongs to me. Yahya Jammeh has been in power for twenty-two years, he never touches that land, the land is mine,” he said.  

The police spokesman Lamin Njie was contacted for comment, but he was not available at the time of going to press.

Mr. Dahaba was also contacted, but he too wasn’t available for comment.

Meanwhile, the police spokesman Lamin Njie has gotten back to us. “I will follow up and revert back to you on it sir,” Superintendent Njie told me in a Whatsapp text message.