Sunday, February 5


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Senegalese opposition leader Ousman Sonko’s alleged rape victim Adji Raby Sarr has broken her silence after weeks of being missing in the public view.  The Dakar based massage therapist shocked Senegalese on Wednesday amid an “all tell” bombshell starling interview revelations she granted to the Dakar Buzz Leral TV. Ms. Sarr, who was accompanied by her lawyer Elhajie Diouf, claimed that opposition leader Sonko was a regular customer of their massage salon.  She alleged that a non-consensual sex transpired between her and Sonko during Sonko’s visits to the massage parlor.

She recalled when Sonko came to the massage parlor and requested to be massaged. Sonko, she said, told her that he wanted a jacuzzi massage. The politician undressed himself naked and jumped into the jacuzzi. Ms. Sarr said while Sonko was being massaged, he allegedly tried to have sex with her.

Despite numerous attempts to restraint the politician, she said Sonko wouldn’t heed. Sonko had pistols in his possession at the time of his visit to the massage parlor.

Ms. Sarr alleged that she was threatened with possible harm or death by Sonko, if she should refuse having sex with him. Sonko allegedly told her that he has own security detail, and she could be killed without anyone knowing who killed her.

In a shocking revelation, Ms. Sarr, further alleged that she had sex with Sonko on numerous occasions. She is now pregnant. She has accused Sonko of impregnating her.

Sonko, a former tax official, emerged third position in the past Senegalese Presidential election. He has accused President Macky Sall of conspiring with Adji Sarr to falsely accused him of rape.

Ms. Sarr has denied knowing or meeting President Sall. She has also denied discussing her rape case with the Senegalese President.

Ms. Sarr claimed that Sonko used to confide to her about his marital life. She recalled Sonko explaining to her, a quarrel he had with one of his wives.

She said Sonko was in love. She added that Sonko told her that his wives were not giving him the good love that he gets from Ms. Sarr.

Ms. Sarr said he has audio messages to confirm her past relationship with Sonko. She also has a witness.

Ms. Sarr told Leral TV that when the alleged rape incident happened, she visited one of the hospitals in Dakar, where she was attended to by a doctor. She later reported the rape incident to the Senegalese Gerdamerie.  She was interviewed by Captain Omare Toure.  Her employer Haddy Njie had witnessed the interview.

Ms. Sarr told officer Toure that she wanted her case to be treated in the down low. She doesn’t want her story to be leaked to the press. She was worried about what she called “the shame and embarrassment her case would bring to her family.”

According to Ms. Sarr, when she told Toure that she was impregnated by Ousman Sonko, her employer Mrs. Njie, made a remark that she wasn’t surprised. She added that Captain Toure should have included Mrs. Njie’s remarks on her pregnancy when he Toure spoke to the press.

Ms. Sarr has denied fabricating false rape allegations against Sonko. She also denied being paid money to incriminate the popular Senegalese politician.

Ms. Sarr has challenged Sonko to swear to the holly Quran and deny that he hasn’t rape her. “If Sonko swears to the Quran, and deny raping me, I will withdraw the rape charges against him. I will live with the rest,” she said.

A coherent Adji Sarr has expressed condolences to the bereaved families of the recent Dakar riots. She has also used the interview and prayed for speedy recovery of the injured.

“If I had known that my issue with Ousman Sonko would have caused the deaths, injuries and destruction of properties, I would have just left it alone and live with the pain, I would shoulder the rest on my own,” she said.

Ms. Sarr has debunked reports suggesting that she had a baby out of wedlock. She said she has no baby. The only baby that she expects is the one she allegedly had with Sonko.

Earlier on, Ms. Sarr’s brother Famara Sarr spoke to the Leral TV. He spoke high of his sister. Mr. Sarr has debunked some of the false and misleading stories being associated with his sister. He describes Adji Sarr as a polite, honest, and properly raised kid.

On the allegation that Ms. Sarr has been disowned by her family, Famara Sarr said there is no iota of truth in such allegations. He said Ms. Sarr had a cordial relationship with her family. He has accused haters of soiling the reputation of his sister.

“I am appealing to Senegalese to treat Adji Sarr as their sister. She is someone’s daughter. It is unfair for people to support Ousman Sonko and marginalize her. That’s not good,” he said.

Mr. Sonko hasn’t responded yet to Ms. Sarr’s bombshell interview.