Thursday, February 9


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Police Commissioner Gorgi Mboob has been hospitalized amid a sudden illness he suffered on Thursday Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Mboob had earlier complained about chest pain and breathing problems before his hospitalization. He was attended by doctors in Farafenni before he was evacuated to Banjul for further treatment.

Mr. Mboob had no health issues before his sudden chest pain and breathing problems. Sources said he was on the verge of embarking on his daily gym exercise when he was taken ill.

Mboob was recently moved to the Farafenni police station after he was indicted by investigative report issued by Gambia’s Human Rights Center. He was cited for alleged human rights violation. This followed complaints of torture against the former anti-crime police commander.

According to sources, prior to his Thursday sickness, Mboob was in the conversation for a potential candidate to be hired Inspector General of police to replace the late IGP Mamour Jobe.

Insiders at the police headquarters have called for diversity when it comes to the appointment of a new IGP.  The insiders said one of their leaders has been using third parties to buy social media PR publicity stunt to secure the vacant post.

“President Barrow should avoid overcrowding his administration heads with one ethic group. If you look at the National Drug Enforcement Agency, is headed by Bakary Gassama, a Mandinka, Prisons is headed by Ansumana Manneh, a Mandinka, Immigration is headed by Seedy Touray, a Mandinka, Gambia Revenue Authority is headed by Yankuba Darboe, a Mandinka, The Gambia Armed Forces is headed by Yankuba Drammeh, a Mandinka, The Gambia ports authority is headed by Jobarteh, a Mandinka, the list goes on and on. President Barrow is not a tribalist. He risked marginalizing other tribes if the vacant seat at the police is headed by a Mandinka,” said an insider.

” My observation should not be misconstrued. Diversity matters in government appointments. This country is not a nation of one tribe. Any government that fails to take into cognizance the importance of qualifications and diversity risked being accuse of marginalizing minorities. Appointments should not be based on tribal line. It should be based on qualifications. It is hard to believe that all these Departments are headed by one tribe, when there are other educated, qualified and honest people from other tribes. Jammeh with all his shortcomings, he hasn’t done that,” the insider added.