Tuesday, December 6


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A Seattle Washington Correctional Officer, who contracted a Gambian architect to build a house for him in his native country of The Gambia, said he is a victim of scamming. In an interview with this medium on Sunday, Yaya Jammeh, has accused contractor Wally Ndow of defrauding him close to eight thousand dalasis.

Jammeh and Ndow were ex schoolmates. He lasts saw Ndow fifteen years ago, that was before his home visit.

Back in 2015, Jammeh said he decided to patronize his ex-schoolmate by awarding him a contract to build a house for him. At this time, Jammeh said he never knew that Ndow was in the business of scamming his customers. That he (Ndow) would receive money from his customers promising to build them a house, only to renege from his promises. He said Ndow had scammed the likes of Fatou Secka of New York, Mariam Trawally of the United Kingdom, and a Lady in Sweden. Ms. Seck and Trawally were Ndow’s ex schoolmates.

Jammeh has supplied us with receipts of monies that he had paid to Mr. Ndow.

According to Mr. Jammeh, upon realizing that Ndow wasn’t committed to the terms of agreement that he reached with him, he decided to terminate the contract. Repeated attempts to recover his D800,000 dalasis from Ndow remained unsuccessful. Ndow had repeatedly been lying to him that he was going go to return the money, but he hasn’t fulfilled his promises.

During a visit to The Gambia, Jammeh took Ndow to the anti-crime police unit, hoping that the police would avail justice to a man, he has described as a criminal. But to his disappointment, he said, Wally Ndow was processed and released the same day. He was never charged.

According to Jammeh, the detective who was overseeing Ndow’s case, later became a mediator between him and Ndow. Ndow had entered a payment plan with him, but he said, Ndow’s hasn’t paid a butut to him yet.

Frustrated with the situation, Jammeh said he decided to bring his case to Freedom radio. His goal is to name and shame Wally Ndow. He has called on Gambians living in the diaspora and those back home not to venture into any business relationship with Mr. Ndow. He describes Ndow as a liar, a con artist, and fraudster.

Jammeh said he has lost faith in The Gambian justice system. He has called on the government to regulate the issue of land and dubious contractors like Wally Ndow. He said many Gambians are victims of Wally Ndow. That Ndow had stolen millions of dalasis from his customers.

Also speaking to Freedom radio, was Fatou Secka. Ms. Secka has also accused Wally Ndow of defrauding her close to one million dalasis. She said Ndow had taken nine hundred thousand dalasis from her without building a house for her.

Mariama Trawally also said she has paid over one hundred and fifty thousand dalasis to Mr. Ndow, but Ndow hasn’t executed the contract she reached with him. Ndow, she went on, resorted to stealing her bricks.

When contacted for comment, a soft-spoken Wally Ndow, admitted owing money to Mr. Jammeh. “He terminated the contract during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am going to refund him his money. Let him give me three weeks, I will refund him his money. I will pay him by installment,” he said.

Jammeh isn’t convinced that Ndow would honor his promise. “He has been making such promises. He is a liar. He has no intention of refunding the money,” Jammeh told me.

Mr. Ndow has denied owing Fatou Secka close to one million dalasis. He said he owed Ms. Secka about two hundred thousand dalasis. ” I have built a house for her half way. I did not owe her one million dalasis,” he said.

With regards to Mariama Trawally, he said he owed Ms. Trawally about fifty thousand dalasis.

When asked whether he (Ndow) was a scammer, he responded in the negative. “I am getting fed up. I want to pay these people, so that I can finish with them,” he told me.

A caller from Sweden has also accused Wally Ndow of scamming him. He said he is currently going to court with Mr. Ndow. He has accused Ndow of defrauding him over one million dalasis.

Upon hearing Mr Jammeh’s story, three Freedom radio callers said they have decided not to do business with Ndow. They were on the verge of contracting Ndow to build them houses, but they have decided to change their mind.