Wednesday, February 1


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The exiled Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh and his co partners in crime will not escape from justice under an Ousainou Darboe Presidency, Freedom Newspaper can report.  Speaking to his diaspora supporters on Sunday, the former Gambian Vice President, has expressed his fervent hope that President Adama Barrow would implement the Truth Commission report, failure of which, he said, if  elected into office, he would ensure that Jammeh and his co partners in crime have their day in court.  Darboe told his followers that the TRRC is expected to submit its reports in August, and he sees no reason why any responsible government worthy of its salt, wouldn’t take the necessary steps to implement the TRRC recommendations.

According to Darboe, Barrow has five months to implement the TRRC report if he is not voted into office. Barrow’s Presidency ends in January if he doesn’t win the December 4th 2021 elections, he said.

Darboe also queried that it is wrong for acting serving members of the army, who had confessed to committing murder before the TRRC to be allowed to continue to serve in the force. He warns that by allowing the said confessed soldiers and officers to serve would only lower the honor of the uniform.

Darboe went as far as citing the recent Supreme Court landmark ruling in the case of Yankuba Touray. The court held that the former Junta Council member, who has been accused of killing Ousman Koro Ceesay, the former Finance Minister, isn’t immune from prosecution for murder. Touray’s claim that the 1997 constitution had indemnified him from any kind of prosecution was dismissed by the court.

On the Janneh Commission report, Darboe said if elected into office, he would sought legal advice from his lawyers to ensure that the Janneh Commission recommendations  are implemented to the letter. He noted that Executive Orders that are done in bad faith can be set aside. He cited the United States, in which the newly elected Biden administration had set aside an Executive Order that was passed by the former Trump administration to impose sanctions on the ICC’s Fatou Bensouda and co.

It would be recalled that the Janneh recommendations  haven’t been implemented to the letter. Part of the report was set aside by Barrow government. Barrow used his constitutional powers to pardon some of the adversely mentioned current serving officials of his government and that of Jammeh’s government. His Finance Minister Mamburay Njie, Chief of Protocol Alhagie Ousman Ceesay, Fatou Mass Jobe, the former Tourism Minister and co were among those cited for corruption by the Janneh Commission and pardoned.

The Barrow government hasn’t pursued former officials linked to corruption and were ordered to pay up the money that they were cited to have stolen. The Commission report is gathering dust at the State House and the Justice Ministry.

Lawyer Darboe stated that under his administration, the issue of the Janneh Commission would be looked into. Though, one of the strong supporters of his party Momodou Sabally, the former Secretary General and Presidential Affairs Minister, has been cited by the Janneh Commission for abuse of office and corruption. Like Mamburay Njie, and co, Sabally too has been ordered to pay millions of dalasis to the state.

During his online conversation with his supporters, Darboe also raised the issue of Ahmed Gitteh, an NPP supporter. He has accused Gitteh of intimidating the former Deputy Inspector General of police Abdoulie Sanyang. He said Gitteh has once asked Sanyang if he (Sanyang) was a UDP supporter.

According to Darboe, Gitteh’s conduct was not only reprehensible, but totally unacceptable in any democratic dispensation. He said it is wrong for Gitteh to question Mr. Sanyang’s political affiliation.

Sanyang was recently hired IGP. Darboe said he welcomed Sanyang’s appointment. He noted that appointments should not be based on partisan politics but the qualification and professionalism of the individual.

The UDP leader has also accused the Barrow government of firing government officials, who have been suspected of being UDP supporters.

According to Darboe, the former DG of GRTS Abdoul Touray was removed from his post and moved to the Information Ministry, because he was suspected of being a UDP supporter. He also said there are plans to fire the Chief of Kombo South and replace him with a Jambur native. He has accused three unnamed prominent Jambur natives NPP supporters of trying to orchestrate the chief’s firing.

Barrow’s Information Minister Ebrima Sillah is a native of Jambur.