Saturday, November 26


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Gambian President Adama Barrow says his National People’s Party (NPP) would rather take “death than shame” in the upcoming Presidential elections scheduled for December 4th, 2021, Freedom Newspaper can report.  The President spoke on Saturday at the State House in Banjul, where he received former members of the National Assembly and Governors, numbering fifty of them. The former Parliamentarians were led by Suku Singhateh, a former official of the United Democratic Party, who recently defected to the NPP.

“We are not taking the elections lightly.  We are ready for anything as far as the elections are concerned.  We are ready to follow the necessary steps that would help us to achieve our set agenda. When you are about to start a war, there two things to bear in mind: it is between death and shame.  If shame befalls you, you will live with it until death. Therefore, it is better to take death than shame.  There are two things to take: death and shame.  We at the NPP, we will rather take death than shame,” President Barrow remarked in the local Mandinka dialect. He was applauded by the State House visitors.

Barrow hailed the former APRC MPs for standing by him. He noted that he was not aware of any President, be it ex-President Jawara or Yahya Jammeh, who had amassed such a political support.

To his critics branding him as cowardice President, Barrow had this message for them: “They kept saying he is afraid, he doesn’t talk, but someone who had stood against Yahya Jammeh in an election, he (Jammeh) refused to concede defeat, you stayed with him in this country for one month, he makes statements and you responded back, yet you said he is not brave, that he is afraid, but time will tell.  We will know who is afraid or brave.”

“We are one people, we know each other, one faith, one family.  When was it so dark that we couldn’t recognize each other? Press conferences are being held in this country every day. For the last 20 years, they couldn’t hold such press conferences.  For 20 years, they couldn’t organize press conference.  When Yahya Jammeh was here, they couldn’t do it.  There is democracy in Barrow’s government.  They are enjoying such freedoms because of Barrow’s government,” he added.

Barrow recalled having a conversation with the Zimbabwean President regarding post Mugabe rule. He said he was told that the new administration had given birth to the formation of 132 political parties in Zimbabwe, but his colleague emerged as the winner in the Zimbabwean elections. He expects a similar precedent during his rule.

Barrow doesn’t think there is a strong opposition that would pose as a threat to his rule in the coming polls. He is confident of winning.

Barrow applauds Gambia’s new democratic culture, saying that “the more political parties we have, the better for our democracy.”

Barrow told the former MPs that they would be the first to be considered in his administration if he wins the upcoming polls. He jokingly remarked that even the prophet never uses the opposition during his struggle.

Mr. Barrow also spoke about the developmental projects that have been recorded during his rule. He laughed off his critics claim, branding him as a sleeping President. ” If a sleeping President can initiate all these projects, then if he is awoke, his ops would cease to exist. They are just being hateful, making such hateful comments,” Barrow remarked.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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