Monday, February 6


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The Inspector General of police Abdoulie Sanyang has summoned the West Coast police commissioner Pateh Jallow and the officer commanding the Brikama police station Gass Sabally for a meeting today Monday, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The two officers are needed at the police headquarters in Banjul over recent police stop at the Giboro border police post this past week, in which one Saidou Jammeh was detained over the issue of possessing a Gambian Voters’ card. Jammeh was held overnight and later released on bail.

OC Gassa Sabally was alleged to have compromised a communication she had with her boss Pateh Jallow by sending it to the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP). The text conversation she had with Commissioner Jallow landed in the hands of the UDP. A heated argument ensued between her and Jallow, sources said.

Instead of disciplining Gass Sabally, the IGP, has decided to summon the two officers for questioning.


It was not long ago, when opposition leader Ousainou Darboe jokingly told his supporters that he has a new “commando” in the person of Momodou Sabally, a former top official of the former Jammeh regime. The same Ousainou Darboe also told his supporters that he had loyalists in the current Barrow administration who normally fed him with state intelligence. Darboe wasn’t wrong! He is right. He has new a commando in The Gambia police force, who allegedly happens to be police Superintendent Gass Sabally, Momdou Sabally’s elder sister. Gass Sabally has been finally unmasked, the Freedom Newspaper can report.   

On Wednesday, the police at the Giboro border post processed one Saidou Jammeh, a Jolla man, from Casamance after been accused of possessing a Gambian Voters’ Card. Jammeh also had a Senegalese Identity Card in his possession when he was stopped by the police.

When questioned by the police, Saidou Jammeh told them that he is a Gambian citizen, who lives in Casamance, Senegal. The officers weren’t convinced because he was possessing two national documents.

Jammeh was traveling back to Casamance when the police stop was made. Officers won’t let him go, even though he had repeatedly asked them to release him.

One of the officers was reported to have told Jammeh that he was going to release him on condition that he (Saidou Jammeh) admits that he is a non-Gambian.

Jammeh, according to our sources, complied and told the officers that he is a Senegalese, a made up lie just to earn his freedom even though he is said to be a bonified Gambian citizen, who possessed dual nationality.

The police Commissioner for the West Coast Region Pateh Jallow was briefed by his officers about the Giboro arrest. Jallow was reported to have instructed his officers through OC Gass Sabally, of the Brikama police station to release Saidou Jammeh on bail, pending the commencement of the Revising Court, which is constitutionally mandated to handle Voters’ Cards and Citizenship dispute issues.

Commissioner Jallow was reported to have told his officers that the issue at hand was an electoral issue and the Revising Court had jurisdiction over it.  That there was nothing much that the police can do on Jammeh’s case.  That issues relating to Citizenship should be handled by the Immigration Department,  Voters’ Cards, and citizenship dispute related issues should be handled by the Revising Court, which is expected to commence operations next month.

Saidou Jammeh was held overnight by the Giboro police. He was released on bail on Thursday. His offense wasn’t an arrestable offense, a source told us.

Soon after Commissioner Jallow had finished giving orders to Gass Sabally to inform the Giboro police to release Jammeh on bail, that this case was an IEC case, and it should be litigated through the Revising Courts, Gass Sabally, reportedly contacted Lawyer Lamin Darboe of the UDP, Ousainou Darboe’s younger brother  to inform him about what Pateh had told her in regards to Saidou Jammeh’s Voters’ card issue.  Pateh’s text messages to Gass Sabally later allegedly ended in the hands of lawyer Darboe, sources said.

Lawyer Lamin Darboe was reported to have forwarded the screenshot of the text messages that he received to Commissioner Pateh Jallow and he asked him for his reaction on the matter. The forwarded text messages did not contained Gass Sabally’s name, her name was reportedly edited, but sources said the forwarded messages had accurately represented the conversation Pateh had with Gassa Sabally.

According to sources, Pateh Jallow refused to volunteer any information on lawyer Lamin Darboe’s queries. Darboe then reportedly told Pateh that the UDP was going to challenge Saidou Jammeh’s citizenship before the upcoming Revising Courts.

Meanwhile, Gass Sabally, was reported to have denied forwarding any information to Lawyer Lamin Darboe. She is in denial.

She and Commissioner Jallow had a word on the phone, as she has been accused of betraying the trust and confidence of her superior officer, sources said.

Superintendent Gass Sabally’s case has reached the attention of the disgraced police Operations boss Assistant Inspector General of police Landing Bojang and IGP Abdoulie Sanyang.

Gass Sabally’s fate lies in the hands of AIG Landing Bojang, an officer, who has been accused of aiding armed robbers. Landing and IGP Abdoulie Sanyang are expected to decide Gass’s fate. She has been accused of snitching on her superior officer Commissioner Jallow to an opposition leader.

A source who reached us said he is not convinced that Gass would be reprimanded for her alleged misconduct, adding that the UDP planted agents/loyalists at the HQs are likely going to bury the case under the carpet.

“I was told that the same message was forwarded to Ousainou Darboe, the Leader of the UDP. Gass Sabally is a UDP agent planted at the Brikama police station. What she has done is a crime. She should be punished. I do not expect our IGP masked UDP supporter will do anything about Gass’s case. In fact, he has started undermining the anticrime unit. He has transferred some of the officers. There is a lot of covert undermining of the system going on. The anticrime is being weaken,” said our source.

Two of Gass Sabally’s sisters are strong supporters of President Barrow’s National People’s Party (NPP). Gass was promoted to the rank of police Superintendent last year.

Already a distrust has developed between her and her boss Commissioner Pateh Jallow. Sources said Pateh couldn’t believe that Gass would report her to the opposition UDP, a party that is claiming to be a government in waiting.

Pateh Jallow was denied reinstatement into the force when OUsainou Darboe was the De Factor leader of Barrow’s transitional government. His past affiliation with the opposition GDC was the reason given for his non reinstatement. The UDP loyalists at the DELAG command headed by Bakary Gassama, also said Pateh had lost institutional memory, hence he was not fit to be reinstated.

He was reinstated after the sacking of Darboe and co.

The police spokesman Superintendent Lamin Njie could not be reached for comment at the time of going to press.

There was no contact detail for lawyer Lamin Darboe to reach him for his side of the story.

Written by Pa Nderry M’Bai