Friday, December 8

‘Breast cancer is now No 2, behind cervical cancer in Gambia’

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Dr. Cherno Jallow was speaking on Saturday during activities marking Breast Cancer Awareness Week held Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital.

The day was basically to raise awareness about the devastating nature of breast cancer, thus encouraging both women and men to do regular breast cancer screening.

He described the day as both ‘memorable and historic’ and that they had embarked on the same thing the previous year and that the day’s event is a proof that they will keep it alive.

He made refence to the recent breast cancer data in the country, reminding that it is disheartening to know the level of breast cancer treatment and care in the country.

“A lot of advocacies are being done on cervical and if we are not careful, breast cancer will come to number one. When we say breast cancer, it is not just breast cancer, this is something when a person has is very devastating. But then the good news is if it is caught early, it is curable.”

To that end, Dr. Jallow dwelled on things that increase the risks of breast cancer, flagging some of the widely known risks factors include alcohol consumption, smoking, among a host of others.

Breast cancer, he added, can affect anyone and anywhere with or without a risk factor especially if one is 18 years and above.

He commended participants, especially those who travelled from all parts of the country to be screened.

He revealed that the only way to fight breast cancer is by undergoing screening and detecting it early through curable ways.

Dr. Jallow also spoke about cancer treatment and care, which is offered at the hospital at no cost.