Friday, December 8

Bremen North Bank Link presents over D6M of boat engines, educational items to NBR

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By Amadou Jadama

The Governor of North Bank Region, Lamin Saidykhan on Wednesday presided over the distribution of engines of fishing boats, computers, black boards and working sticks to the people of his region worth over six million dalasis.

The materials were donated by Bremen North Bank Link based in Germany and is a charitable foundation meant to contribute their quota to improve the lives and livelihood of Gambians.

Basem Khan is the chairman of the foundation who is the main sponsor and his colleague Ansuman Suwa, vice chairman.

Presenting on behalf of the Foundation, Kebba Saidykhan, a local coordinator, briefly explained how they built friendship with Bremen and thereafter designed an MOU which is at the final stage.

Mr Saidykhan disclosed that one of his friends Ansuman Suwa, who is a Gambian philanthropist based in Bremen, created link with his state.

“Basem Khan is the chairman of the foundation and currently a parliamentarian in Bremen State in Germany. He is very proud to be part of the Gambian family. He contacted many people within the Bremen trying to link North Bank of the Gambia with Bremen of Germany. He came last year and we have a meeting with the communities to know their problems.”

Commenting on the materials, Mr Saidykhan said: “Around May and June, we realized that all that we spoke about in 2021 and 2022,  it was important we actualize it. We decided to collect a lot of materials but all of them cannot fit because of the size of the container and is expensive to transport them from Germany.”

Mr Saidykhan said that they started first in North Bank because they want a sustainable project.

“If you want to bring more on board and you don’t have the capacity to monitor and control, you might fail in some areas. We are definitely sure that this project will not only stop in North Bank Region,” he vowed.

“This is why we gather here today to distribute these very important materials to the necessary beneficiaries. Inasmuch as we want more to come, let us make sure that these materials that we are going to benefit are uttelized in proper way. Any time the Governor wants to make confirmation on their usage and the manner of their handlings, let him be given an open hand, because it is from him, the foundation would be able to get information,” he advised the beneficiaries.

He further warned them not to personalize the materials as they are for everyone. Mr Saidykhan expressed profound gratitude to Basem Khan and his colleague Ansuman Suwa.

In receiving the items, Lamin Saidykhan Governor of North Bank Region, said the materials donated will really impact the lives of the people of his region, as the donation came at a time when the people of North Bank are in need of it.

“We know that the world is moving technically and computers can help you to do your work easier, and it will also help you in your education. Educating the population is the bedrock of development for any country. If  you want to develop your country, you have to educate your people, “he said.

Governor Saidykhan thanked the donors Basem Khan and Ansuman Suwa for their generosity to the people of his region, and assured them that  he will continue work with them to bring more support to North Bank beyond.

He also advised the beneficiaries to take good care of the materials and use them wisely.

Also Speaking, Fabala Sighateh, a retired principal education officer representing the regional director, stated: “We the educationalists in this region are quite willing to welcome any initiative that is pertaining to education.”

He assured the donors that the items will be properly maintained urged principals and teachers to teach the students how to use computers.

Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, Adama Jeng, principal of Essau Senior Secondary School, said education should be central in every leadership. “Because the level of development of a country cannot be higher than the level of education in that country,” he said.

Mr Jeng added that when you look at the results of WAEC, you will see the performance gap between the urban and the rural schools.

“I want to seize this opportunity to make it known that the performance gap between the urban and the rural schools is not in the quality of the teachers but material constraints. When education fails all the institutions will fail because we produce for everybody. So this intervention is going to contribute towards bridging the gap between the performance of schools in the urban area and the rural area, “he added.

He assured the donors that the items donated will be put into good use.

The fishermen who benefited boat engines are Mamadi Krubally from Tamana village, Amadou Mboge Albreda and Kerewan women garden headed by Jonsaba Jawara.  The computers were given out to three schools; Farafenni, Kuntair and Essau senior schools.

Kerewan school received black boards while and Kerewan health centre received working sticks.