Monday, December 4

Brikama Area Council Takes Action: 14 Staff Suspended Amid Allegations of Corruption

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Brikama Area Council

By Buba Gagigo

The Brikama Area Council (BAC) passed a resolution on Tuesday to suspend 14 of its staff members for corruption. This decision was made following a recommendation from BAC Chairman Yankuba Darboe in a memo to the council’s Establishment Committee.

Below is the resolution passed by the council after a council meeting on Tuesday:

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“For the reasons expounded in the establishment committee report date 4th of October 2023, all persons mentioned in the said report are hereby sent on administrative leave without pay, with immediate effect, pending a thorough and impartial investigation of the internal audit and establishment committee. All the affected persons must surrender/return all council assets belonging to Council till it is determined otherwise by council resolution.”

Several individuals have been suspended, including Mr. Alhagie Jeng, the Director of Finance, who stands accused of improperly hiring numerous family members onto the council’s payroll without adhering to the necessary procedures or obtaining approval from the Establishment Committee. Furthermore, Mr. Bai Sait Jeng, a council employee, has reportedly been collecting council revenue without submitting it as required.

Sulayman Jeng, Malick Jeng, Omar Saidykhan, and Bai Sait Jeng are alleged to have secured employment at the council through nepotism rather than through the proper channels due to their family connections with the Director of Finance. They are also accused of involvement in financial mismanagement within the council.

Ebrima Jallow, the acting manager of licensing, is said to have printed revenue invoices without the knowledge of the procurement department. Additionally, Muhammed Ebrima Jallow is claimed to be on the Brikama Area Council’s payroll, courtesy of his father, Ebrima Jallow, despite not being an official staff member.

Furthermore, seven other revenue collectors have been suspended over allegations of corruption. These individuals responsible for collecting license revenue include Alfusainey Colley, Assan Jassey, Binta Fatty, Buba Jabang, Famara Sanyang, Kebba Jammeh, and Momodou Lamin Saidykhan.

It’s worth noting that all twenty-eight elected councilors of the Brikama Area Council (BAC) voted in favor of these suspensions.

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