Tuesday, December 5

BsAC Finance Director Says He Did Not Have the Qualification But He Was Appointed

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By Mama A. Touray

The Finance Director of Basse Area Council Lamin Suso has on Tuesday before the ongoing Local Government Commission of Inquiry admitted that he has no qualification for the post of a finance director.

 “Yes, I don’t have the qualification but I was appointed by the Local Government Service Commission,” he admitted.

Mr. Suso acknowledged that he saw the advertisement for the said position in Point Newspaper publication on 7th October 2020 when it was noted by the commission from the Point newspaper publication dated 7 the October 2020, where he said he saw the advertisement for the position of Finance Director on BasseArea Council.

The professional qualifications required for the position of Finance Director at the council, according to the advertisement was that an applicant must have either ACCA Level 3 or Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy and at least one year experience serving as Finance Manager in a reputable institution with good records.

However, he clarified that despite he did not have the qualification but he has the experience that qualified him to serve as a financial manager at Brikama Area Council for three years.

Testifying on how he came to know the advertisement for the post of Director of Finance, Suso subsequently submitted The Point Newspaper publication dated 7 the October 2020 which advertised the said position.

Lead Counsel Yakarr Cox tendered the newspaper which was admitted by the commission as exhibits.

The commission also noted that the advertisement in the newspaper has the advert for both Janjanbureh and Basse Area Councils, and was asked by Counsel Cox why he applied for Basse; Mr. Susso said, he did it for a personal reason, noting that he sent his application and subsequently he was appointed. The application letter was also admitted as an exhibit.

 Director Susso also told the commission that he was a member of the sub-committee together with the CEO, some councilors and the budget officer, adding that the ward councilors would be asked to come before the sub-committee and defend their projects and from there, the committee would select the projects to be implemented.

He informed the Commission that he worked for Brikama Area Council from 2005 to 2021 as a revenue collector, until he was finally rose to the rank of a finance director.