Wednesday, December 6

BsAC’s ex-finance director makes strange admissions

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Mr Suso was the acting director of finance of the Basse Area Council from February 2021 to June 2023. He began his career as a revenue collector for the Brikama Area Council in 2015, and by 2020, he was a finance manager. He is one of those whose names have been repeatedly mentioned concerning malpractices, such as financial misappropriation, and activities outside the confines of law.

Mr Suso’s highest academic qualification is a diploma in accountancy. He has an ACCA certificate and diploma. He also claimed last week that he enrolled at the American International University but could not continue his course because Basse was far.

Following his appearance, Mr Suso chose to make affirmation rather than swear to the Holy Qur’an. He testified on a range of issues,and one of which was a subvention from government which no one could explain where the money went.

The Gambia government gave an amount of 2 million dalasis to the council through Trust Bank. The auditors noted that Ndabah Krubally, the cashier immediately withdrew 1.3 million dalasis and several other withdrawals from the sum that was meant for the development of Upper River Region were made.

Concerning this issue, Deputy Lead Counsel Patrick Gomez asked: “Why were monies withdrawn?”

“By then our accounts were in bad debts, simply because of the loans that we contracted,” Lamin Suso said.

The witness, replying to the deputy lead counsel, said the subventions are meant for development.

“Was that the case?” the deputy lead counsel asked in a follow-up. The witness admitted that was not the case in this particular situation.

Witness Suso said the reason for making the withdrawals was to settle the banks because they were disturbing the council concerning loans owed to them. He said CEO Yaya Ceesay and he discussed the issue of withdrawing the subvention money for that.

“What did you think you were doing at the Area Council? Was it your home?” Lawyer Gomez asked, adding: “No meetings, no rules and no regulations. You and the CEO decide how to use the money,” Lawyer Gomez asked.

The witness said the council was not his home, admitting that what they did was “totally wrong”.

“You were richer than the area council. You were having millions in your accounts while the council was indebted,” the deputy lead council articulated.

From the 1.3 million dalasis he had withdrawn, Cashier Ndabah Krubally testified about two weeks ago that he deposited D800,000 in the Vista Bank account and D300,000 in the Supersonicz Micro-Finance account, gave D100,000 to the CEO Ousman Touray as imprest and also gave D100,000 to the Director of Finance Lamin Suso.

It was also indicated that the director of finance received additional D150,000. Ndaba Krubally said the withdrawal was made based on the directives of the CEO and Finance Director Lamin Suso.

For the D100,000 deposited into his account by Ndabah Krubally, Lamin Suso testified that it was meant to repay the loan CEO owed someone.

“The CEO promised to pay back in the shortest possible time,” Mr Suso told commissioners.

“You and the CEO had the audacity to take subvention money meant for development and loan himself. You take people’s money and share it among yourselves,” Lawyer Patrick Gomez quizzed.

The witness did not react to these utterances by the lawyer; but kept silent.

 “Both of you shared the money that was meant for the Council,” Lawyer Gomez said.

“Yes,” the witness answered.

“That was the height of dishonesty,” Lawyer Gomez informed him.

“Yes,” Lamin Suso replied.

“Therefore, you don’t deserve to work for this country,” Lawyer Gomez told Lamin Suso.

“Yes,” Suso replied.