Thursday, December 8

Bundung Highway: Hon Jammeh calls calls for immediate intervention

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Sulayman Jammeh, the National Assembly Member (NAM) for Bundunka Kunda Constituency has called for immediate intervention for the reconstruction of the Bundung Highway amid public outcry about the state of the road.

Hon. Jammeh said he has contacted the Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure to fix the highway.

“I reached out to the minister about the terrible road condition and put to him challenges residents of the area face before reaching their destination,” he stated, noting that the minister responded positively to the concern and assured him that he would dispatch a team to assess the impact of the damage immediately.”

Hon. Jammeh highlighted that drivers are not the only ones affected but the entire community, stating that the Bundung Highway is the worst road in the country at the moment therefore making life unbearable for natives of the area.

Majula Jatta, a mother and wife who spoke to our reporter on her way to the market, said she stood on the highway for more than an hour but could not get a vehicle to board to the market.

“We have been experiencing the situation for months now. The road condition got worse during the rainy season. The government should really help us and reconstruct our roads,” she bewailed.

Matida Sanneh, a commuter, said drivers’ reaction to the road conditions is affecting her and those living within the area.

“I am late for work almost every day. I understand the road is in a terrible state but some drivers should help us in getting to our destination,” she pleads.

Binta Marong, a passenger, said some drivers are using the situation for exploitation by charging higher transport fees.

Sheikh Cham, a commercial driver, said he could not risk his vehicle in the name of making ends meet.

“I have been driving for five years now and I can call it my profession. The Bundung Highway is my daily route but the condition of the road is not only bad to our vehicles but our lives as well.”

“Some drivers do not follow the lane anymore but only drive where they think is better and that is not safe both drivers and commuters.”

Alieu Fofana, also a commercial driver, said abandoning the road is not good for him economically but he has to save his vehicle and life.

“Whenever I use the road I must visit the mechanic and that is not helping me financially. Fuel price is also getting higher by the day,” he said.

Commercial drivers abandoned the Bundung Highway due to its bad condition, leaving passengers stranded.

Commercial drivers, community members and passengers of the Bundungka Kunda continue to cry for the reconstruction of the highway.