Wednesday, November 29

Bundungka Kunda MP expresses dismay over the under-renovation Bundung Highway

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 By: Nyima Sillah

Honourable Sulayman Jammeh, National Assembly Member for the Bundungka Kunda constituency, has expressed dismay over the ongoing renovation of the Bundung Highway.

In an interview with this medium on Sunday, Honourable Jammeh said “At the beginning, we thanked the government for choosing to reconstruct the Bundung Highway but the way the construction is currently going on, We are not happy. The work is very slow and it is not going as it should be.

“If the contractor knows that they don’t have the capacity they should not have started the work. Before you start, they should make sure that they have all the materials and human resources available,” he stressed.

He claimed that for things like roads, especially Bundung Road, which is used by a lot of people including the population of Bundung, it is not appropriate to just dig holes without putting any safety measures rather than leaving it like that, it is not safe.

“I blame the contractor because he started the job and automatically he has been given everything and all the necessary things were done. The authorities that gave out the contract should also be in the picture to know what is going on in Bundung Highway, the work is not going on,” he added.

He went on to say that the construction has blocked the road, and some people have sick people at home that might want to attend or go to the hospital but the slow construction has made transportation hard for them.

He, therefore, apologized to the people of his constituency and give assurance that he will stand by them to ensure that the work started is completed and that the issue of the holes around will be solved for the safety of the people.

In extension, he said “I am sorry for those affected and the businessmen and women in those areas who have not been able to make any sale since the beginning of the construction this also is having an economic impact on the country.

“I am also sorry for the drivers they are facing a lot of challenges in terms of transportation. Taxis have abandoned the road completely due to the big holes in the highway. The issue is not from us, we wish that when it’s started, it continues straight without any setbacks,” he appealed and apologised to everyone.