Thursday, February 9

Businesswoman to appear in court over D50M alleged theft

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Businesswoman, Khadijah Kebbeh, has been indicted of theft and money laundering and is expected to appear at the Banjul High Court later this month.

Ms. Kebbeh is suspected of stealing about D58 million from business tycoon and CEO of GACH Global Company, Abubakary Jawara.

The GACH boss sometime last year paid over one million euros into Ms. Kebbeh’s account despite her awareness that the money was supposed to be deposited to a GNPC account.

According to the particulars of the offence, Ms. Kebbeh, sometime in October 2021 stole the sum of D2 million, $20, 000 and £749, 965.00 belonging to GACH Global Trading Company. She is also charged with money laundering by disguising or concealing the illicit origin of money converted and/or transferred into her bank accounts despite knowing that those monies are proceeds of unlawful activity and thereby committed an offence.

She will appear before the Banjul High Court on 30 January 2023.

Meanwhile, last year, a High Court Judge, Justice Oledi Uko Oduma ordered the same Khadijah Kebbeh to pay back D4, 468, 800 to a UK-based Gambian businessman Laggie Gumaneh.