Monday, September 25

CA affirms party is united amid resignation of national president

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The Citizens’ Alliance (CA) has avowed to its membership, supporters and the public that the party is united as ever before and that it is still true to its core values as a political party.

The CA’s assurance came following the resignation of its national president, Dominic Mendy, on 6 July 2022, which was leaked to the press.

Mr. Mendy raised concerns of trust and lack of observance of core values by the party as the reason for his resignation.

“Citizens’ Alliance wishes to inform its membership and the wider general public that our able national president, Dominic Mendy, has tendered his resignation from the national executive and membership of the party,” CA stated last week.

“Mr. Mendy was instrumental in the formation of the party in 2019 and has been very effective in executing his mandate, first as CA’s party leader and then as national president of the party, following CA’s maiden congress.”

He stood, the party added, as a key pillar of guidance and voice of reason to the national executive and general membership body in both internal and external matters relating to the party.

“The difference in judgement and perception that led to Mr. Mendy’s decision to resign is regrettable and we wish there was an occasion to come to an alternative agreement.”

“Nonetheless , the CA national executive and on behalf of the membership would like to take this untimely opportunity to thank Mr. Dominic for his unwavering effort and support to the party and in helping the party to be where it is today. An interim national president would be announced in due time,” CA noted.

“The CA national executive would like to unequivocally assure its members and the public that the party remains united and true to its core values and to building a Gambia where the people live in dignity and national pride.”