Saturday, September 30

CA Commiserates With Flood Victims

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Image of the weekend flood  (Video Credit: Alhagie Manka)

The Citizens’ Alliance (CA) is concerned with the ongoing flood and the attendant consequences it comes with. We, therefore, commiserates with and wish to extend our solidarity with and sympathy to all families affected by this unfortunate disaster.

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CA is cognizant of the consequences this catastrophe has and will continue to have on victims. It’s a difficult period for the victims, particularly women and children who are mostly vulnerable. We call on government, NGOs and philanthropist to come to the immediate rescue of those affected.

CA is worried that Gambians continue to be victims of the absence or blatant lack of implementation of progressive environmental policies, with no sign of redress any time soon. Development planners continue to disregard empirical evidences relating to the impacts of climate change; persistently allowing people constructing homes along waterways.

Government must act quickly and we urge them to deploy an emergency response team (through the National Disaster Management Agency) to render immediate humanitarian support to the affected families. We also call on government to prioritize drainage systems in all public infrastructural development projects and focus on building resilient communities and infrastructure to avoid future environmental and natural disasters.

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