Monday, October 3

CA Party Promises 100, 000 Jobs In 5 Years

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Dr. Ismalia Ceesay
SG & Party Leader Citizens Alliance

By Landing Ceesay

The Citizens’ Alliance [CA] party promised to create 100, 000 jobs for Gambians in its first 5 years of governing, when elected in the 4th December presidential election.

“We are committing to creating 100,000 jobs in the Gambia in our first five years; not only that we are committing to progressively impose a minimum wage in this country. Not only that we are going to establish a scheme to expand women’s access to finance; women should get access to finance, engage in entrepreneurship, get access to land, get access to assets that is the only way you can empower women in this country,” the Citizens’ Alliance party leader Dr Ceesay stated.

He said the young people must get jobs and they [CA] would provide skills, not any job, but jobs that pay and that can ensure young people live a decent life; saying, “if one is a successful carpenter, you can buy a house, [buy ] a car for yourself and take care of your family”.

“We are going to create 100, 000 jobs across all sectors in the Gambia, from the construction, to sport, to music, arts, to the environment, etc. 100,000 jobs we are promising, [in]December 2026, if we don’t provide 100, 000 jobs for Gambians, don’t vote for us again, sack us from the job,” Ceesay told Journalists.

The political science lecturer made these remarks earlier on Thursday at his party’s monthly press briefing with the media.

At the said event, the party presented a 10 points promise for implementation once they emerge victorious in the December 4 presidential election.

They are:

Diversify our economy to drive growth and job creation, reform the Civil reform and SoEs [State owned Enterprises] and eradicate corruption

create 100,000 jobs, progressively impose minimum wage and establish a scheme to expand women’s access to finance

facilitate the expansion of infrastructure and technology upgrades to provide reliable, clean, and affordable energy and provide access to safe drinking water and every household

Improve access equity and quality of our health care system and establish a national health care scheme
Reform our education system to support and foster learning that ensures inclusivity and equitable quality education that taps into the creative potential of all Gambians

facilitate investment in climate-resilient agriculture to enhance productivity and achieve food security

build 100, 000 affordable green homes for low-income earners

protect the environment by tackling industrial pollution, protect marine resources, investing in clean energy, waste management and protect our flora and fauna

Improve standards of living to fight the root causes of crime, reform the criminal justice system, strengthen and equip the security sector to ensure public safety
Expand and strengthen public transport, digital infrastructure and networks