Wednesday, February 1

Calm Returns to Sanyang Following Violent Clashes on Monday

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Hatab Nyang and Mustapha Jallow

A serene atmosphere was observed on Tuesday in Sanyang as things returned back to normalcy and people were going about their activities in Sanyang, a village about 43 kilometers away from the country’s capital, Banjul.

The village was on Monday the epicenter of violence scenes as a mob, mainly youths, attacked and burned down the village’s police station and a Chinese fishmeal company.

The mob attack came on the heels of a “case of robbery with violence” which resulted in the death of one Gibril Ceesayis currently under police custody.

Demonstration didn’t ensue on Tuesday as youths stayed at their homes. Only few were spotted on the streets.

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A source, who pleaded for condition of anonymity, said youths who were arrested yesterday have been released.

“PIU officers are guarding here since yesterday to make sure peace prevail,” the source said.

Sand miners were going about their businesses. Shops and markets were opened and people were conducting their businesses without problem.

“Nessim Fishmeal Factory is still burning down. A caterpillar, two pickup trucks, two mini trucks, their main store for the fishmeal, offices and workers’ residents, were all burnt down,” our source said.

Sheikh El-Mostapha, a Mauritanian national and an interpreter at the Nissim Fish-meal company told Foroyaa that the company had lost over D3 million dalasi during the attack.

He said their Chinese counterpart had also lost about D1 million.

El-Mostapha said he run to save his live when two men armed with cutlass attacked him. He added he was rescued by two residents of Sanyang.

“We have lost many millions here. I cannot exactly state the exact amount we lost during the attack, but we estimate it to be more than D3 million,” he stated.

According to him, senior drug enforcement officers came to inspect the company as they received report that the company was dealing in drugs.

“We were questioned and samples were taken away. They discovered that it was not drug,” he said.

The fish-meal company is now under guarded by the army, who are armed with guns.