Friday, June 2

Casamance: Over 250 fighters put down arms amid peace deal with gov’t

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This followed several agreements signed with state emissaries under the supervision of civil society organizations.

More than 250 fighters have laid down their arms. Rocket launchers, Kalashnikovs, explosive devices were handed over to the emissary responsible for recovering the weapons.  These weapons are conveyed to Ziguinchor, by military escort.

As a reminder, the Diakaye is one of the oldest armed bases of the MFDC.  Founded in 1990 by Sidy Badji, this rebel base was initially led by Kamoungué Diatta.  It is under the current command of Fatoma Coly, that the Diakaye began the negotiations which resulted this Saturday in the laying down of arms.

The commander of the North Diakaye faction, Fatoma Coly welcomed the signing of this agreement.

Moreover, he asked all his brothers in arms to follow this dynamic of peace and lay down their arms.  Fatoma Coly promises to do what is necessary for others to follow in their footsteps.

On the other hand, he asked the State to continue the process of opening up Casamance, and particularly this area of ​​Mongone and the very isolated surroundings.  It calls for the construction of infrastructures and the creation of projects to develop these localities and facilitate the socio-economic integration of combatants.

Admiral Farba Sarr, ad hoc President and the Governor of the region Guedj Diouf, welcomed the signing of this agreement.  The Admiral speaks of a historic agreement.  “This ceremony is historic and symbolic, the desire for definitive peace in Casamance on the part of the Head of State, President Macky Sall, of the combatants of Diakaye under the leadership of Fatoma Coly, that the population hopes for the reconciliation of hearts and  spirits,” Admiral Farba Sarr added. 

He congratulated and thanked all the actors who worked for the materialization of these agreements.  Farba Sarr recalled in this circumstance the words of President Macky Sall. “To make war, one must be courageous and to make peace one must be even more courageous.”

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