Friday, February 3

Cashew farmers call for better prices to address post harvest loss.

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By: HarunaKuyateh

Cashew farmers in the Upper Nuimi District in the North Bank Region have launched a passionate appeal to the government through the Ministry of Trade and GGC to provide better prices for cashew farmers in order to address post-harvest loss.

Fa- Omar Sonko, a casher farmer in Niumi Seika underscored the need for the government intervention in the buying of cashew nuts with attractive prices which will strengthen casher farming and also contribute to economic development.

Mr. Sonko postulated that cashew farming should be promoted to restore forest cover, enhance soil conservation and mitigate effect of climate change, while commending the government and partners for the partnership with the cashew farmers association.

He also appealed for training of farmers on processing to avoid post harvest losses.

The president of Upper Nuimi cashew farmers association also appealed to the farmers to create a fire belt around their farms to protect against bushfire.

Wontonding Suso and Sutay Dampha of Kerewan in the region expressed dismay at the recent bushfire that has affected their livelihood and economic well-being.  The duo called on the government and NGOs for assistance.

For his part Deputy Governor Dembo Samateh reiterated the need for concerted efforts for the enforcement of the Forestry Act.