Wednesday, March 22

CepRass Survey Reveals BAC Collects only 4% of Waste in WCR

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By: Mustapha Jarju

Centre for Policy, Research and Strategic Studies (CepRass) survey has revealed that Brikama Area Council (BAC) collects only 4% of respondent solid waste in the entire West Coast Region (WCR) while 90% of waste is collected by the residents without any other alternative from the Council.

A survey that lasts for three weeks, covers the findings of the first phase of the Citizens Report Card (CRC) which is conducted in three (3) Local Government Areas, in the Gambia namely, Banjul, Kanifing, and Brikama administrative areas.

CepRass, in its presentation on its survey findings to stakeholders on Saturday 25th February 2022, at the NANA Conference Centre, indicated that the survey results revealed that Brikama Area Council collected 4% of the respondent, 0% were collected by the others, 10% private, and 90% self.”

CepRass said this survey is a clear indication that solid waste collection is still a major issue to the people under the Brikama Area Council that the authority needs to seriously address.

The survey also indicates that the Kanifing Municipal Council collects 70% of waste in the municipality while 54% is collected by private citizens and 24% of waste is collected by households.

 In Banjul, the survey revealed that the City Council collected solid waste from 99% of the respondents, 1% were collected by others, 0% privately, and 1% by self.”

Overall 38% of waste in the Greater Banjul Area (Brikama, Kanifing, and Banjul) is collected by the Councils, 57% of waste is collected by the residents themselves, 20% by private companies, and 1% by others.

The survey conducted on the challenges encountered in community markets has revealed that in Banjul 5% of respondents cited poor management of solid and liquid waste collection, while 7% reported the non-existence of security.

 For Brikama, 65% of correspondents cited poor management of solid and liquid waste, with 100% of correspondents cited that stalls and shops under BAC are inadequately covered, 88% indicate high duties levied by Councils, while 100% non-existence of market committees, and 93% poor security. However, 20% reported other challenges citizens face in community markets,” Survey findings indicated.