Monday, February 6

CEpRaSS will conduct an opinion poll in the local government elections Says-Executive Director CepRaSS

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By: Nyima Sillah

Lamin Dampha, Executive Director Centre for Policy, Research and Strategic Studies (CepRass) said the local organisation will conduct an opinion poll in the upcoming local government elections.

In an interview with The Voice, Mr. Dampha, said: “I want to assure Gambians that we are going to conduct opinion polls in the forthcoming local government elections because already the onus is on us and there are a lot of expectations from Gambians. We cannot afford to betray the trust of Gambians. It is safe to say that CepRaSS is going to organize an opinion poll already the team has been set up who has worked in the previous opinion poll.”

The executive director also revealed current plans and modalities put in place by the organisation in trying to secure funds for the conduct of the local government elections.

He continued: “Let Gambians continue to trust CepRaSS as we look forward to doing a very successful opinion poll. We will continue to do our work professionally, and politically to ensure that we get the views of Gambians across because that is the ultimate aim of the institution to get citizens involved in whatever decision affects their lives and livelihood.

“The expectation is to ensure that people have a choice. We also expect the political parties, and stakeholders could also use our findings for them to strategise themselves and also hear from the people which is our ultimate goal,” he assured.

The ideal time for this opinion poll he said will be very close to the election.