Friday, December 8

Cess Ngum Set to Launch 2nd Album After 3-Year Hiatus

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By: Momodou Justice Darboe

The stage is now set for the launch of CessNgum’s next album after a three-yearhiatus.

Cess released her debut album in 2020 but has since remained inactive in the music scene untilshe started working on her new album.

All roads lead to Jamaa Hall on 26 January 2024, where MsNgumis set to launch her latest album titled THE CESSATION.

“I have not been active in the music scene for almost three years now. So, what we’re about to do is to launch my second album,” she told The Voice Entertainment.

Though Cess was economical with details about her new albumshesaid everything and anything should be expected in the second album. 

“It’s going to be a mixture of everything. Almost all genres of music should be expected in the albumAs you know me, I always go for huge things. And this time, we are going bigger. We are working hard on it. It’s going to be 26 January 2024. The event is something that nobody would want to miss. That’s all I can say.The album is going to be out hopefully on 1 of January. You never can tell what will happen but that’s the plan now, she explained.

As part of the album launch, several associated events such as drama will be on the menu.

Meanwhile, for those nostalgic for a journey on memory lane, you needn’t worry as there will be a rendition of the music of the late Gambian music icon Abdel Kabir or Lye Ngum.