Saturday, March 25

CG Darboe extols sister security forces’ relation with GRA

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The Commissioner General of the Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA), Mr. Yankuba Darboe has vehemently commended the sister security forces for the cordial working relationship between them.

CG Darbo in a chat with this reporter disclosed that the sister security forces played a critical role in the maintenance of peace and stability, which availed the GRA to collect the needed revenue for complimenting GRA efforts in the collection of revenue for national development.

He expressed that in the absence of peace and stability, the Gambia Revenue Authority cannot collect revenue for the government, therefore, “the GRA will continue to intensify its working relationship with other sister security forces to enhance effective service delivery.”

Moving forward, the Commissioner General confirmed that over the years his institution has had an excellent working relationship with its sister security forces be it the Gambia Police Force, State Intelligent Services the Gambia Army Forces (GAF), and the Gambia Immigration Department (GID) respectively.

According to him, his institution does share information concerning their works and most of the border posts, “GRA always shares office space with our sister agencies.”

He, however, urged all and sundry within the sister’s security to intensify working relationships that will greatly help to complement each other’s works. He placed teamwork at the top of his institution’s agenda to better help this country to achieve its goal.

Each has its mandates, roles, and responsibilities in national development, but coming together and complementing each other is the best way forward for the Gambia. “We have to develop this country by ourselves and to achieve that, we must work as a team and have the same agenda put the country’s interest first,” he observed.

CG Darbo commended the top commands of the sister security forces for their leadership roles in collaborating with GRA to achieve national interest.