Friday, June 2

CG Darboe views Gambia media as partners in development

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CG Yankuba Darboe also reiterated hisrecognition for the fundamental role played by the Gambian media in complementing GRA’s efforts in boosting tax compliance in the country.

He made these remarks yesterdaywhile updating the media on GRA’s revenue collection of D1.5 billion in March, which is their highest revenue collected in a month in the history of the authority’s tax collection.

The cordial relationship between the media and his office could not be underestimated as far as information dissemination is concerned, he said.

Mr Darboe acknowledges the efforts of the media and views the Gambia media as real partners in development, saying the billions of dalasis people are hearing as collected by GRA is due to the media, who effectively disseminate such information as well as encouraging individuals and institutions to pay their taxes.

Without the role of the Fourth Estate, he noted, GRA would have been finding it very difficult to collect such revenues. 

“The media are very instrumental in public awareness on the importance of paying taxes for national development,” he said.

“We therefore are indebted to the Gambian media for their responsiveness in educating the general public onwhy paying taxes to government is crucial in national development.”

He extolled the media and assured that his office doors are open to all, saying: “At the level of GRA, we believe in teamwork, collaboration and cooperation in order to achieve what GRA is achieving year in year out, when it comes to revenue performance.”

Regarding GRA’s latest digitalisation technologies, Mr Darboe confirmed that the media plays a critical role in sending the right messagesto the public.

“This is yielding dividend in the collection of much needed revenue for government,” he posited, saying: “We have no doubt or scepticism in the kind of professionalism that the Gambia media is playing in creating more public awareness on the mandate and roles and responsibility of GRA  in national development.”

He encouraged the Gambia mediaas a professional organ of state to continue playing their part towards national development. “We will work with you to boost revenue collection for nation building,” he reaffirms his institution’s ties and bond with the media.