Tuesday, March 28

CG Yankuba Darboe extolled by Former teacher

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Earnest Aubee, a proud former class teacher of the Commissioner General of The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) Yankuba Darboe has expressed delight over his ex-student’s laudable leadership qualities.

Mr Aubee, who taught CG Darboe at the Gambia High School, commended the GRA Board and Management for the unprecedented performance over the years.

Mr Aubee who is the current head of Agriculture Division at the ECOWAS Commission in Abuja disclosed this in an interview with this medium over the weekend saying “I’m very impressed with GRA’s revenue track record under the leadership of my former student. “I am proud of him and “I advise him to continue the good work.”

He described the CG Darboe as a valuable asset for the country. “We should cherish and encourage him to continue this laudable and commendable work,” he said.

He said GRA under the leadership of CG Darboe has been exceeding its annual revenue targets over the years. “This is happening thanks to his quality leadership,” he said.

CG Darboe, he added, was a very ambitious and hardworking student. “Therefore, seeing him been successful at GRA ensuring that they meet their annual revenue target over the years is not a surprise to me,” he added.

The former teacher commended the GRA boss for his foresight in recruiting young graduate personnel who are academically sound to deliver up to expectation in tax administration.

“I encourage him to continue engaging his staff on capacity building which is keys,” he noted.

Regarding the importance of taxes, Mr. Aubee described taxes as very importance in any country whether develop or developing country, “it is the life blood for the development of any giving country. So taxes are the engine room for developmental activities because from the taxes collected it is use for so many developmental purposes in the states from the payment of salaries, construction of road , maritime services, the provision of health services, education, provision of aviation services maritime service investment in productive sector like agriculture and environment.

“In short tax is the life blood of development in any giving country and the Gambia is not an exception.”