Friday, September 29

Chief of Staff Says Kerr Fatou Is A Propaganda Tool For The Opposition

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Mod K. Ceesay, Chief of Staff, Office of The President

By Buba Gagigo

Mod K. Ceesay, Chief of Staff at the office of The President has described Kerr Fatou as a Propaganda tool for the opposition during a live interview with For The People By The People Show.

Reacting to the statements made by the Chief Executive Officer of Kerr Fatou recently during an interview with Membekering that some of her contracts with State Owned Enterprises were canceled, the Chief Staff intimated that he has not given any such directives.

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“I am made aware of the statement of Madam Fatou Touray at Standard when I was asked. No such instructions exist. The Managing Directors are there to speak for themselves if order exists. It’s not true and I am not aware of being ordered by the president or by the cabinet to do so. But what is equally true is that Kerr Fatou is actually a controversial propaganda tool of the opposition. They have been saying so many things about government which is definitely wrong. Government to patronize you and pay for actually misinforming and mischaracterizing the government agenda. It never happens anywhere. If the truth should be told no one has directed me nor I have directed anybody regarding the statement that she made,” he said.

Asked to prove his allegations that Kerr Fatou is a Propaganda tool of the opposition, he said.

“I invite you to visit their forum, their shows, and the records are there. There are certain things that are said in there that are actually not true, they have no evidence so if those instances happened what do you expect us to call it? Let’s be truthful here, I am not an anti of the platform in any way but am just calling it how it is.” He said.

Asked again whether Kerr Fatou has ever denied any government official an opportunity to appear on any of their programs, he answered;

“Like I said our responsibility as a government is to promote the media space and to support the media to be professional and to carry out their work without due pressure or hindrance. That’s the principle that we all uphold but records speak for themselves and I am not saying this out of the blue I am just saying yes it is being claimed that senior government officials have been invited to come to Kerr Fatou and they turned it down or whatever. I have never heard of that. I have no evidence that senior government officials or ministries have been invited to that forum but who do you have in that forum 90 percent of the time?” he asked.

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