Wednesday, June 7

Child Rights activist warns politicians against involving children in politics

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By: Nyima Sillah

Ebrima Njie, a prominent Child Rights Activist has warned politicians and some adults who are involving children in political affairs ahead of the April 15th local government elections.

In an interview with The Voice, Mr. Njai, said “These are very important times for people, especially activists, to always have conversations around this very important issue.

“It is always very important for politicians to put this at the back of their minds that children cannot be used to satisfy their political goals. Children cannot be used or directly involved in the political affairs of any country,” he stressed.

According to him, in other countries, it could be punishable but in The Gambia is a different thing. Noting people have been seeing a lot of these issues happening especially during the presidential elections or campaigns where young people and children would be involved and they are used during the campaign to put on T-shirts and stand on the highways.

“These are wrong things children should always cater and provide for. We should be the ones to put their issues forward we shouldn’t use them for anything that would be agents for us, especially by the adults. We cannot use children for our interest and these are things that need to be put into consideration,” he stressed.

However, the child right activist added that election is very important for every country because it is part of the democratic process where people select their leaders, and local government elections especially in the Gambia is also part of the most important elections that the country conduct

He emphasized that in as much as that people should be mindful, especially politicians, and avoid using children as political tools.

“Children are not allowed to participate in politics, they are not allowed to take part in active politics even in court or some other places, and children cannot give consent. Politics is part of those things children cannot make decisions,” Njie noted.