Monday, December 4

China, Gambia Inaugurate New Association.

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China and Gambia Saturday inaugurated a new association with a view towards promoting better friendship and more collaboration between the two sides.

The ‘Friendship Association China-Gambia’ was inaugurated at Laybato Hotel in Fajara.

The Ambassador of China in the Gambia, Aixinjuelou Yuhaohailed the day as historic “where we come together to celebrate the strong bonds of friendship and collaboration that unite our two brotherly nations.” The ambassador’s statement was read out by his representative. The statement further noted that the move was in line with China-Africa Relationship. This, it continues, is based on equality, win-win for mutual benefits.

‘’This truly capture the relationship of China and Africa working together in good and hard times over the past decades and provides a source of strength for the continues growth of China and Africa friendly relation.’’ 

The ambassador emphasizes that the newly-established friendship association is not merely symbolic; it is a platform for tangible and mutual benefits. 

‘’It will promote cultural exchanges, educational opportunities and economic collaboration between our two nations. We envision a future where our shared values experience and aspirations lead to a deeper connection, not only between governments but among our people,’’ he said.

The friendship association has been registered in the Gambia as a non-profitable organization. One of its main objectives is to establish cordial, cultural and investment relationships between the two countries and their peoples.