Sunday, March 26

Civilian witness testifies in alleged coup trial

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The landmark case involves 4 soldiers of The Gambia Armed Forces and a police sub-inspector. They are Lance Corporal Sana Fadera, Sergeant Gibril Darboe, Corporal Ebrima Sannoh, Corporal Omar Njie of the Gambia Armed Forces and Police Sub-Inspector Fabakarry Jawara. They were indicted early January this year and slapped with five charges that includes treason, concealment of treason and incitement to mutiny

Jabbi was released on the 25th of January by the Court together with another civilian and 3 other soldiers.

Mr. Jabbi commenced his testimony, stating that he recognised some of the accused persons. He thus went on to identify Fabakarry Jawara, Sanna Fadera, Gibril Darboe and Ebrima Sanno.

Testifying under oath, the witness said he came to know about Fabakarry at Brikama. “I was walking and I heard someone calling my surname from behind. I looked behind and saw somebody walking towards me. I waited for him there. He came and introduced himself as Fabakarry Jawara. We walked together chatting.”

The witness further detailed few occurrences that transpired between him and Fabakarry Jawara, and eventually, it later took a long time without hearing from him.

Getting into the subject matter, Mr. Jabbi testified: “In October 2022, I received a call from Fabakarry, asking me to meet him at his house. In the evening, I went to his house and met him. He told me that he wanted to tell me something but not in full. He told me, ‘my one younger brother, who used to come to me, haven’t you met him? I told him no. he said, ‘But he will be here tomorrow.’”

The witness added that the following day he was called by Fabakarry and asked to go to his (Fabakarry’s) house, where he met Sanna, adding he was introduced to him by Fabakarry.

“This is the person who wants to overthrow Adama Barrow,” witness testified being told by Fabakarry.