Monday, March 20

Coalition of Progressive Gambia doesn’t associate with any political party- PRO Bojang

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By: Nyima Sillah

Lamin Bojang, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the Coalition Progressive The Gambia has reiterated that the Coalition platform is not associated with any political party or supported by any political party in the country. 

He said the platform was established mainly for the Gambians who are said to have the country’s need at heart to hold the central government accountable as they are elected to effectively represent the electorates.

In a statement made available to The Voice newspaper, he said one of the saddest things in this country is that when groups are formed, people accused them of being associated with a particular political party. 

He noted that Gambian citizens residing both in and outside the Gambia, who have the country at heart and have concerns about the affairs of the state are the ones that came together to hold the government accountable. 

“What Gambians are going through in this regime is not a surprise to anyone, so this should be a duty for everyone in the country in ensuring that they put an end to it. Things that we condemn in the former regime are the same things going on again and Gambians are sitting down as if nothing is happening. If anyone takes action, people say that they are supported by a political party,” Bonjang stressed. 

“We know rumors are already circulating, but Let us all have concern for this country and stop making negative comments whenever people come out to hold the government accountable,” he continued. However, he advised people to desist from such behaviours and stop classifying any group under a political party.

“We all have to put The Gambia first and be honest to each other. Thus, during the past elections, everyone voted for a particular political party which is the right of every citizen. So, our political thoughts cannot be the same, but one of the policies of this platform is to put all political affiliations aside. If anyone is going to take part, they should know that it’s a struggle that is going to continue and this platform has come to stay,” he said.