Friday, March 24

Coalition of Progressives urges Barrow to address country’s problems

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The Coalition of Progressives – a civil society organisation has called on President Adama Barrow to show care and address the high youth unemployment, rampant corruption and corrupt public servants.

In press release issued on 16 August, Coalition of Progressives urges the president to ensure measures are taken to stabilise prices of essential commodities.

Coalition of Progressives also urges the government to establish “an independent investigation task force to look into the illegal opening of the special security account.”

They also urged the government to “publish the report of the joint task force which was set to investigate the burning of the Ministry of Fisheries and Water Resources in 2020” and also “act on the recent national audit report of the Banjul rehabilitation project by handing over the report to the Inspector General of Police to open investigation and possible prosecution of perpetrators.”

They also called on the National Assembly to prioritise the Anti-Corruption Bill and pass in to law before November 2022.

They noted if these demands are not addressed before November 2022, they promise to stage a decentralised protest in the country.

The release notes that the “President is focusing on his political future than addressing the situation of Gambians.”

“In this regard we are absolutely determined to hold our government to account and to promote a culture of honesty, integrity and sincerity in our public offices. We stand against government greed, selfishness, patronage, corruption and dishonesty.”