Saturday, January 28

Cocaine in Banta Keita’s trial to be tendered as exhibit today

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Director Gassama, who was the lead investigator in the nearly three tonnes of cocaine seized by the country’s narcotics agency, started his evidence last Tuesday. He also testified on Wednesday and Thursday on how the cocaine was discovered by the agency and a host of others. He is expected to continue his testimony today.

It could be recalled that operatives of DLEAG in January 2021 seized nearly three tonnes of cocaine from a shipment of industrial salt originating from Ecuador, amounting to over $88 million. It’s reported to be the biggest ever cocaine seizure in the country by the narcotic agency.

The 118 bags weighed a gross 2tonnes, 952kg, and 850g. The cocaine was discovered on Thursday during a search of a container shipped from the port of Guayaquil in Ecuador and through Algeciras in Spain, and then to the country.