Wednesday, March 22

Commission of Inquiry: President has more serious matters to address – Hon Madi Ceesay

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By: NyimaSillah

Following the recent announcement made by H.E President Adama Barrow, in setting up a commission of inquiry to look into the local councils’ affairs, Hon Madi Ceesay, National Assembly Member for Serrekunda West Constituency said the president has more serious matters to address under his foot.  

In an interview with The Voice newspaper, Hon Ceesay said “We are just going to the local government elections so what is the motive of the president setting up this commission? I think the president has more serious matters to address under his foot. 

“How many allegations of corruption are been said against the office of the president? The security fees that are collected at the Airport how were those contracts given? The Scandals at the GNPC, and other financial scandals elsewhere within the government. 

He continued “The agriculture sector, all these are financial issues that are under his foot and he has not set any commission to address those issues. He is looking beyond his office he should have looked at his office to make sure those are corrected before setting up a commission of inquiry.”

Hon Cessay added that It has declared not long ago that the Gambia is ranked above one hundred and fifty countries of the most corrupt countries in the world. “What has the president done about that? Has he looked into all factors of that so that a comprehensive and respectable commission is set up to address the issue of National Corruption in this country? He asked.

However, Hon Ceesay claimed that the councils are currently facing the FPAC committee which is the Finance and Public Account Committee of the National Assembly and those committees are in sessions doing scrutiny and after scrutiny, they have to compel a report and send it to the plenary.

“So if the National Assembly has not completed the scrutiny of the account of the local government they have not completed their report, they have not submitted their report to the plenary. I don’t know on what bases is the president setting this commission.  “I would therefore concur with the people who said the president is setting this commission just merely for witch hunt and purely political,” he stressed.