Tuesday, December 6

Commuters bemoan continuous shortage of vehicles despite reduction in fuel price

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By Binta Jaiteh

The government of the Gambia has reduced the pump price of fuel by D2 on every liter sold at the petrol stations still it is difficult for people to reach their destination or get vehicles to go about their daily work and business

Commuters are bemoaning the continuous shortage of commercial vehicles on the road because they are facing the challenge of moving from one destination to another to go about their daily work.

An interview with some of these commuters revealed the stresses they are going through, Kawsu Baldeh who was coming from Ghana town in Brufut going to Westfield said “since in the morning I am standing here in Tippa Garage I could not find a vehicle to my destination. Since the government has at least reduced the pump price for the fuel, what is the problem again,” he asked.

He expressed that he was standing for over an hour but still cannot get during this interview while lamented “I am late already.”

He said since Monday getting vehicles has become an issue across the length and breadth of the country.

“The taxi drivers, almost 80 percent of them, are taking town-trip and it is not everyone that can afford town-trip. So the issue is the rich is becoming richer while the poor are becoming poorer in this country all because everyone is taking advantage of each other,” he stressed.

So, you can see that ‘’reducing the price has not solved anything rather it has worsened the situation and drivers will continue to cut the fares from one place to another, we the poor citizens are the ones struggling to survive’’ he said in annoyance.

Among other commuters that spoke to this reporter complained about bad and not enough roads across the city which is another thing responsible for the scarcity. Thus, many drivers have packed their vehicles at the mechanic garages because of damage in this rainy season.

Mariama Sanneh said the current situation of transportation should be a concern to the government and women and children are vulnerable because they wake up early in the morning away from their families to go to the market, take children to school, go to work, or come back home to do some house chores among other things, “considering the insecurity of the country these recent times, it is not easy.”

Amie Gaye also added her voice, “I wonder when will this country’s

problem be solved every day you hear new stories, Gambia is now becoming a country of I don’t care only your problem matters to you and if that continues it will be difficult for the poor people, let the government assist the citizens, especially the women.”

She called on the commercial vehicle driver to have sympathy for the people so that things will be easy for everyone.