Friday, December 2

Commuters decry traffic congestion, bad roads

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It is evident that access to a good road network in any country is an essential ingredient for national development as it facilitates the smooth movement of people goods and services.

In line with this, The Point went round and about to Bundung-Latri Kunda Highway to Wellingara during rush hours to see how people are coping to get to their various destinations.

In this rainy season, many Gambians are suffering due to the poor road conditions within Kanifing Municipal and West Coast Region.

However, the poor roads in many parts of the country have become a cause for concern.

Biram Sey, a commuter, said bad roads affect the overall development of the country, as it delays the transportation of goods and persons across the country.

Barhama Jeng, a senior safe garage officer, outlined how bad road condition affects drivers, saying most drivers don’t even drive these days because it may cause a breakdown to their vehicles.

Both Dawda Gassama and Chief Sabestime N Okafor are businessmen along the Bundung Latri Kunda Highway and thus gave similar comments, saying the road conditions need to be looked into by both the central and local government for the well-being of the citizens.

Mariama Bah, a business woman, said it is imperative to note that efficient and safe movement of freights and people over the national highway network is very significant.

She added that to make the roads user-friendly, the roads need to be rehabilitated and keep proper maintenance of them, as the people cannot afford to live comfortably without a good road network.

Jainaba Ceesay, a student at Latrikunda Sabiji Upper Basic School, said it is sad that during the rainy season, many people going to work, schools and other business are forced to walk in the rains and through deep waters and mud due to the slow traffic.

She called on the government of The Gambia to help and rehabilitate their roads for their well-being and the betterment of the country.