Wednesday, November 30

Concern Citizens condemns Israel attacks on Gaza

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Concern Citizen is a Gambian civil society organisation that is meant to combat negative foreign influence and poised in promoting patriotism and moral values for self-realisation and a sovereign, independent nation.

Speaking at a news conference held at The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council (GSIC) yesterday, Mr. Allen said: “As a people of conscience and advocates for universal human rights, we hereby firmly condemn the recent Israeli state-sponsored attacks against Palestinian life, land and property in Jerusalem and Gaza.”

Allen affirmed that Jerusalem is a sacred space and a holy city for the vast majority of the world’s population who follow the Abrahamic faith. In this regard, he said Concern Citizens believe it is their duty and right to speak out when the most basic forms of human decency and respect are not being met.

Nevertheless, he acknowledged the clear statement from The Gambia government denouncing the current situation in Palestine but he maintained that Israel’s action on Gaza is “sad, abhorrent, criminal and unacceptable.”

It could be recalled that in recent weeks, Israeli settlers – with support from Israeli police and military – have increased Israeli state-sponsored attempts to evict and remove Palestinian residents from their ancestral and legally-owned homes in Jerusalem, specifically in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

However, Mr. Allen said international laws have shown that the forced eviction and home removal meted on Palestinians is categorically illegal, and have long been viewed by the international community as one of the main deterrents in ending Israeli apartheid and settler-colonialism.

He further alleged that Israel is also bombing Gaza – the world’s largest open-air prison – with causalities sure to increase.

He recollected that Israel-based Human Rights Organisation, B’Tselem recently published a report detailing the various abuses and Human Rights Violations of the Israeli state and civil society against Palestinians inside Israel as well as the Occupied Territories. B’Tselem, along with a number of Palestinian and international civil society and state organisations is unequivocal in stating that Israel is an apartheid state and not committed to any sustainable form of just peace.