Friday, December 8

Condemnation Of Illegal Hippo Slaying In The Gambia: A Call For Renewed Environmental Commitment

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Press Release

The Gambia Environmental Alliance, joined by a coalition of concerned citizens, passionate wildlife enthusiasts, and dedicated conservation advocates, stands united in vehemently condemning the recent appalling incident involving the unlawful killing of a hippopotamus within our nation. This brazen act not only flagrantly violates the laws of our land but also strikes at the heart of our collective dedication to preserving and safeguarding our natural environment.

With its diverse and flourishing ecosystem, The Gambia is home to a plethora of precious wildlife, including the protected hippopotamus. The ruthless killing of this majestic creature not only represents a criminal transgression but also runs counter to the core principles of our society, which values the sanctity of all living beings and the harmony of our shared habitat.

We urgently implore His Excellency, President Adama Barrow, to issue a resounding denouncement of this despicable act and to swiftly implement decisive measures that guarantee the prevention of such heinous deeds within our borders. As a nation, we look to our esteemed leader to reinforce our unwavering commitment to the preservation of our wildlife and the conservation of our natural heritage.Moreover, we call upon the President to reaffirm the Banjul Declaration of 1977, a significant accord dedicated to the protection of African wildlife and the preservation of our precious environment. By reinvigorating this declaration, we can rekindle our collective dedication to the principles of sustainability, environmental stewardship, and the safeguarding of our unique and invaluable wildlife.

The tragic demise of the hippopotamus serves as a stark reminder that our endeavors to shield our environment and its inhabitants must be continual and resolute. It is imperative that as a nation, we stand shoulder to shoulder in defense of our natural heritage, ensuring its preservation for the generations to come. Instances such as this not only warrant condemnation but must serve as a clarion call for the intensification of our conservation efforts.

We urge all citizens, organizations, and members of the global community to join forces in securing the protection of our environment and its diverse inhabitants. May this grievous incident mark a turning point, prompting us to unite in our shared duty to safeguard our nation’s ecological treasures.

The Gambia Environmental Alliance remains resolutely committed to the protection of The Gambia’s environment and wildlife, and eagerly anticipates collaborating with all stakeholders in the relentless pursuit of preventing such atrocities and upholding the richness of our nation’s biodiversity.


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