Monday, November 28

Congi-Bi United Back to Relegation in Brikama Sports League

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By Nicholas Bass

Congi-Bi United, a goalless draw against Daru United has dropped them back to the relegation of the qualification round in the Brikama Sports league following last Saturday’s game at Brikama Box-bar mini Stadium.

Congi-Bi United failed to collect 3 points with 6 goals to progress into the Brikama Sports League after a bitter encounter with their arch-rivals, Daru United.

Daru United progressed into the Brikama Sports league quarter-final with 5 points 2 goals after their goalless draw against Congi-Bi United.

Meanwhile, the groups standing in Brikama Sports league after 3 games stand at; Group A, Swansea City United occupied the top of the table with 5 points 1 goal, Sky Power United in 2nd position with 4 points, Scovill United 3rd position with 3 points and they were knocked out of the tournament while Bairo United shall battle it out at the relegation round.

Group B, Manduar United is at the top of the table with 7 points and 2 goals, Jaliba United with 5 points and 1 goal while Touray’s FC United was knocked out of the tournament with 4 points and 1 goal while Sallote United shall compete in the relegation qualification after losing all their 3 games in the league.

Group C, New Town Youths United occupied the top position on their table with 7 points and 2 goals followed by Puntalana United with 6 points and 5 goals while Sanchaba United hung their boots with 6 points and 4 goals.

Diamond Boys will struggle to join the league in the relegation qualification to compete in the league.

Yarambamba United topped group D with 5 points and 5 goals.