Sunday, February 5

Congratulations Fatou Jeng ???

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Dream Big: Work Hard

Anyone who knows me knows how deeply passionate I am about the environment and pursuing my master’s in that particular field at a world-class university. I am happy to inform you that I have been officially selected for the prestigious Chevening Scholarship out of 60,000 applicants globally this year to pursue my postgraduate degree in Environment, Development and Policy at the University of Sussex which is top in Development studies in the globe.

I am particularly excited to be going back to school to read (which I am quite lazy at), write, debate, research, make new friends, and explore the beautiful Brighton environment, particularly the beach!

This process hasn’t been easy, as someone who hardly finds time for herself due to my many community engagements, from student leadership, climate activism, and youth work I must say, I couldn’t have done this alone. My sincere thanks to all my referees, you know yourselves (thank you for your feedback and encouragement), my family Dr Modou Jeng, my mom, dad, etc for always having my back and being my biggest support system. I must give a special shout out to Uncle Left, this man was more eager and excited about my application that I was for myself, he guided me throughout my application process and kept reminding me about what I have to offer to this country. When I had to prepare for my TOEFL exams, he paid half of the fees (As someone who hardly receives such from people, I remain grateful for his support). Uncle left, you are the MVP. Thank you for all the pushing and motivation!

I am quite hopeful that this journey will be impactful for me, with the Chevening network, I can be able to connect with more global leaders and also studying at a top university. After this one year of a learning experience, I will be coming back home to be on the frontline in championing environmental policies and its implementation.

I just want to remind my fellow young people that we should never stop dreaming and chasing those dreams. Let us never sell ourselves short and stop doubting ourselves!

To just finally say the enchanting words ~ CAN’T KEEP CALM, I HAVE BEEN CHOSEN FOR CHEVENING!
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