Sunday, September 25

Constitutional requirements for presidency in Gambia

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According to the Constitution, a presidential candidate should be 30 years or above but not more than 65 years, be a citizen and must declare assets, get tax clearance and pay D10, 000 deposit to IEC and get 5000 voter signatories in different parts of the country. However, the 65 years age limit has been amended.
To be nominated as a candidate, aspirants should have been ordinarily resident in The Gambia for five years immediately preceding the election and must complete senior secondary school education.
Any person who holds the citizenship or nationality of a country other than The Gambia, shall not be qualified for election, the Constitution states.
Also, anybody while holding Public Office in The Gambia has been compulsorily retired, terminated; or dismissed from such office; or has been found guilty of any criminal offence by any court or tribunal established by law; or has been found liable for misconduct, negligence, corruption or improper behaviour by any commission or committee of inquiry established by law shall not be qualified for election as President.