Monday, December 4

Consul Jawara hails Gov’t decision to halt work at Kamalo

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“This is a welcoming development and it’s in fact very timely,” Jawara said in an interview with The Point yesterday. “There are lots of issues happening at Kamalo which need to be properly investigated. Lands can’t be given like that, without proper documentation. Land allocations need to be done through the right way but not the other way around.”

Consul Jawara further added: “Lands allocation is something that is very serious. Therefore, we need to be very careful on how we allocate lands to people. We have seen people allocated a vast area of lands at Kamalo ranging from 215 by 110 metres without going through the right procedures.

“This is the kind of bold decision we expect the government to make. Things must be done in accordance with the laws of the country. The government shouldn’t allow people to be doing bad things and go scotfree. Therefore, whoever is found wanting should face the law.”

The Gambian business tycoon also commended the Lands Minister for taking such a decision, saying: “Minister Sowe is someone that I know since the former regime. I know him to be a truthful person who doesn’t involve himself into anything that is dubious. I am quite sure he would do everything possible to ensure that things are done in the right way at Kamalo and also to wipe the tears of people that were wrongly treated.”

The Gambisara born diplomat also spoke about his Gam Hajj Tours Limited, saying: “This company is established with the objective of making Hajj and Umrah accessible and convenient to Gambians. What’s more important is that let’s work together as Gambians and partake in the development of the country so that we can help our people.”

“Therefore,” he continued, “I am urging Gambians to come and buy tickets from us so that they can perform their Hajj and Umrah easily without encountering any difficulties. I have vast experience in this business and I am committed to making it easy for Gambians.”