Saturday, April 1

Consular Jawara threatens to drag KMC to court over garbage issue

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Seasoned diplomat, Haggi Jawara, who is The Gambia’s consular general in Angola has threatened to drag the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) to court if the country’s biggest municipality fails to honour their agreement and collect the garbage at his Kairaba Avenue residence.

Consular Jawara claimed that he and the KMC ‘Mballit’ team had an agreement in May 2022 for the weekly collection of garbage at his residence. He further accused the KMC Mballit officials of collecting money from his people while he was away without issuing receipts.

Meanwhile, one Abba Jammeh, a Supervisor of the KMC Mballit Team confirmed that some officials of the team and Mr. Jawara had an agreement for the weekly collection of garbage at his residence.

Speaking to journalists at his Kairaba Avenue residence, Consular Jawara said: “In May, before I left for Umrah, I went to Bolong and told him I wanted to sign a contract with you to collect my waste, and he told me the big rubbish bin is 40 dalasis per collection. So, he told me you can pay at the end of every month and he told me they will come to collect the waste every week, but it has been three weeks now that they haven’t come to collect the waste.”

“When I was in Saudi Arabia, I called them to go and collect the waste materials. Their staff came here and asked my wife to pay them 1,000 dalasis. My daughter decided to give them 700 dalasis. Afterwards, they came again and demanded another 500 dalasis. However, I refused to pay the third time and I told them that we agreed on 120 dalasis and when the month ends, I was supposed to pay 480 dalasis.”

“When I returned from the Umrah, I went to Bolong to tell him that the waste materials are too much and they should go collect it because it has been a month they haven’t gone and collected the waste despite our contract. To my surprise, they gave me a letter asking me to pay 5000 dalasis. And I asked for what reason? From May to now, what we agreed on is that if the month ends, let them come receive their money; and today I went to pay 1000 dalasis and he told me to pay 5000 dalasis.”

Jawara added: “I then asked him about the receipt of the 500 and 700 his people collected from my family? I believe this is laziness and an attempt to disrespect Gambians. If they cannot do the work, let them go and allow other Gambians who want to do the job to do it. I will write a letter to KMC to respond to me and tell me a clear message because the waste problem is every Gambian’s problem, not only me,” he posited.

Abba Sanyang, while responding to allegations that some of his people were reportedly collecting money from Mr. Jawara without issuing him (Jawara) receipts, said: “This is not to my knowledge. What I can confirm is that we have issued Mr. Jawara with an invoice indicating that he was supposed to pay 5000 dalasis. We understand that for months Mr. Jawara has not been paying.”

Asked as to how many months, Mr. Jawara failed to pay, he said: “I don’t know, because it is the people that collect the waste who know about it,” he replied.