Tuesday, May 30

CoPG Chairman urges elected mayors and chairpersons to fulfill campaign promises

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By: Nyima Sillah

Chairman of the Coalition of Progressive Gambians (CoPG), Seedy Cham, has urged the recently elected candidates to fulfill their campaign promises or else, CoPG would hold them accountable.

In an interview with this medium, the CoPG Chairman said elected candidates should fulfill their campaign promises and remember that the public eye is on them.

He added that the people of the country are now aware and cannot be fooled by the halfway campaigns that are not in line with the agenda of the citizens. 

 “They should know that it is the people who elected them into office, and they should deliver what they told the citizens during the campaign. If they don’t deliver it, the Coalition of Progressive Gambians will stand and hold them accountable and if they are involved in any corruption we will point fingers at them, and expose them because we are here for the public,” he stressed.  

He argued that the People of the country are hungry and tired and if anyone says anything that he or she cannot implement, it would be thrown back to them. He said there is a clear example that there are lots of people who made big promises but never fulfilled them and citizens threw them back to them.

Every leader, he said, should be mindful that they have citizens including their family who follow them so they should not just follow the pleasure of this world, and should not get carried away by the politicians because certain people are in the cycle only to create misunderstanding between people especially the so-called advisers of the leaders.

“The advisers of the leaders are only there for their interest they would not say anything that will be beneficial and progressive to the development of the country,” he lamented.

However, he called on candidates that lose in the election to accept the result in good faith, know that the country belongs to all, and they should come forward and work together towards the development of the country.